4 Products to Clean and Maintain Vaporizers Everyone Should Consider

As we all know, vaping cannabis is steadily growing in popularity. It offers both discretion and may even be healthier than smoking flower out of glass or papers. With so many quality vapes on the market, it is no wonder that consumers are picking up these devices. However, while vapes are convenient, they still need to be maintained. Resin can build and clog up a vape, making it harder to get a clean hit. Check out this list of vaporizer maintenance products that every dispensary should carry.

Formula 420 Soak and Rinse Cleaner

While using alcohol is also a perfectly suitable option when cleaning vaporizers and components, it can produce a pungent scent. Formula 420 Soak and Rinse Cleaner will help clean vapes without the unpleasant smell. You can soak your vape overnight and rinse. There is no scrubbing necessary.

Formula 420 Soak and Rinse Cleaner

White Rhino Cleaning Brush

White Rhino has an extensive line of vaporizers and accessories. Their cleaning brush is ideal to clean dry herb or wax pens. Customers can scrub residue away and enjoy extend the life of the vape and its screens. The brushes are offered in two packs and are each 2 inches long.

White Rhino Cleaning Brush

Storz & Bickel Mighty Screen Set

They may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but screens are an essential part of vaporizers. The Mighty Screen Set from Storz & Bickel will provide customers with replacements if their screens are beyond the assistance of a good brush. This kit includes 6 screens, 4 upper screens and 2 lower screens.

Storz & Bickel

Haze Cleaning Jar

Haze offers a large product line that includes vaporizers, replacement parts, and cleaning accessories. Their cleaning jar is the perfect way to clean vaporizer components while avoiding a mess and trapping any unwanted odors. It pairs well with Haze’s Cleaning Powder and has measuring lines within the jar to precisely measure how much powder you need.

Haze Cleaning Jar

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