Adam Devine Shares Awkard Story of Getting Too High with Seth Rogen

“I smoke weed, but not as much as Seth. Seth’s like a pro. He’s at a Snoop Dog level,”

Smoking weed can certainly have its fair share of pleasurable effects—an influx of laughter, a calming, euphoric effect, and of course, the ability to make almost any food infinitely more delicious. But of course, like anything, it’s best when used in moderation—at least for some.

Count Righteous Gemstones actor Adam Devine as one of the people who is probably better off sticking to the “in moderation” rule of thumb. The former Workaholics star has been promoting his new movie, Jexi, which is set to release this Thursday. The film is about a man who becomes overreliant on his phone and needs the help of his new AI operating system, Jexi to help him become less technology-dependent. Devine’s character, Phil, deals with quite a bit of social anxiety throughout the film, something the actor has experienced his fair share of, too.

Well, at least when he smokes weed.

Adam Devine’s Marijuana-Induced Cringefest

Devine recently spoke to E! News regarding his character’s awkward personality trait and how he relates in real life. The first thing that came to Devine’s mind was his first encounter with fellow actor Danny McBride. The typically amiable Devine was a bit more, err, odd than usual.

Yes, even for him.

“The first time I met Danny McBride I was with Seth Rogen and he was giving me a lot of weed to smoke,” Adam shared. “I smoke weed, but not as much as Seth. Seth’s like a pro. He’s at a Snoop Dog level,” Devine told E!’s Carissa Culiner. Obviously, Devine didn’t know just what he was into, en route to a fairly cringey exchange with McBride.

“I see him and I go, ‘Oh my God you’re Danny McBride!” he explained. “And he goes, ‘Yeah man.’ And then he goes, ‘Yo little man, I know you,’ and I go, ‘you’re a bright shooting star.’ And he goes,’what?’ And I just grabbed my girlfriend at the time and we had to leave.” 

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Maybe next time Devine can bring some CBD to offset some of THC’s psychoactive effects— but he would really have to be thinking ahead in that regard.

Luckily, the two comedic actors are now, clearly, much more comfortable around each other—they now co-star in HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones, a comedy series that depicts a wealthy and famous televangelist family, the Gemstones, and their inner dysfunction. McBride and DeVine portray two of the three Gemstone siblings alongside Edi Patterson, while John Goodman plays the family’s patriarch, Eli Gemstone.

Considering McBride created the series himself, maybe his initial exchange with Devine didn’t go so badly after all. In fact, perhaps it was Adam who was the bright shooting star this whole time.

He was just too high to realize it.

Kohut, ByTim. “Adam Devine Shares Awkard Story of Getting Too High with Seth Rogen.” Green Rush Daily, 7 Oct. 2019,

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