Jimmy Kimmel Has a 710 Segment at a Drive-Thru Marijuana Dispensary

Customers came for weed but stayed for a marijuana-themed game show.

If most of the world beyond the niche space of hardcore dabbing culture didn’t know anything about “710” it does now. That’s because Jimmy Kimmel did a whole segment on it this week.

In honor of July 10, which is rapidly becoming the marijuana world’s newest holiday, the late night show host did a deep dive into cannabis concentrates and dabbing.

Jimmy Kimmel Learns About Dabbing

Last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! included a feature focused on all things dabbing. The segment was in honor of July 10, known among dabbers simply as 710.

As Kimmel explained, “710” derives from the word “oil,” itself a reference to cannabis concentrates. Specifically, if you flipped the word “oil” upside down, it would look like the numbers 710. Add it all up, and you get July 10 as an unofficial new holiday dedicated to dabbing.

As Kimmel joked, the entire thing sounds a lot like “somebody got high and turned their calculator upside down and now it’s a holiday.”

After explaining why 710 is the new weed holiday, Kimmel turned his attention to dabbing itself. And for that, he got some advice from a budtender at Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Specifically, the budtender explained that dabbing does not refer to the dance move. Instead, as she told Kimmel, a dab is a super potent cannabis concentrate that’s vaporized and inhaled.

Marijuana-Themed Game Show at Drive-Thru Dispensary

After making sure everyone understands what a dab is and why 710 matters, Kimmel decided to have a little fun. Specifically, he and the budtender played a game called “Let’s Make a Dope Deal” with customers at NuWu’s drive-thru window.

When customers pulled up to place their orders, Kimmel talked to them. He asked if they wanted to play a cannabis-themed trivia game.

After a couple of funny questions and some back and forth with the customers, the budtender gave out prizes. Not surprisingly, many of them were humorous nods to the munchies. For example, prizes included a gallon of milk, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and a box of Hot Pockets.

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