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According to study weed may help prevent coronavirus

The preliminary study published on Preprints, a non-peer-reviewed academic publishing platform, focused on preventing coronavirus from attaching itself to humans cells while in the lungs, intestines, and mouth.
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What is weed pollen?

Let's see what the weed pollen is.
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Decarboxylate your leaves to make them active

So, we've established that weed leaves do posses trichomes and can indeed get you high.
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Does it take a lot of leaves to get high?

The leaves of the weed plant may contain some interesting CBD, but it will take a lot of it to actually get you high.
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CBDs are all over the plant

The entire weed plant, aside from the inside of the stems and the roots, does contain certain CBD.
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How to Use Weed Stems

Ok, so you have grown some weed plants, you have harvested the buds, and are now drying and curing them for smoking, vaping, or cooking. However, you will have a bunch of weed stems left over, both the big stalk from the whole plant and the smaller stems from the branches.
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How to store and use weed pollen

Let's see how it's done.
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Coming Out Green

Weed – hemp – is not bad for you. In fact, it’s something you might want to think about eating or juicing (the non-psychoactive parts, at the very least).