Study Finds Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Increase Traffic Deaths Researchers say their study sends a clear message to policy makers and the public concerned about cannabis-impaired driving. Researchers at Kansas State University just wrapped up a panel study of marijuana legalization and road safety in the United States. And after analyzing traffic data spanning more than two decades, … Continue reading

Paul Gascoigne Challenges Snoop Dogg to Charity Boxing Match Will Snoop accept Gazza’s challenge to fight in a Cannabis vs Booze boxing match for charity? We all knew it would come to this. The Instagram feud between legendary English footballer Paul Gascoigne and rap icon and cannabis entrepreneur Snoop Dogg has boiled over into a full-fledged fight. … Continue reading

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Alcohol? Crossfading could be as dangerous as it is fun. Cannabis use is growing and becoming more and more accepted by many sectors of society. As new places continue legalizing adult use, recreational smoke is losing its stigma and becoming mainstream. While it appears cannabis is here to stay, that … Continue reading

Parents Who Smoke Weed Are Stricter on Kids, Study Says Parents may think cannabis helps them chill out and be less controlling toward their kids. But a new OSU study found otherwise. Do the substances parents use affect they way they raise their kids? Most would say, absolutely. But researchers at Ohio State University wanted to find … Continue reading

High Times Greats: Interview With Susan Sontag, The Dark Lady Of Pop Philosophy From the March, 1978 issue of High Times comes a fascinating interview with the late, great Susan Sontag. Susan Sontag (1933 – 2004) would have been 87 on January 16. To celebrate, we’re republishing a rare interview with her from the March, 1978 edition of High … Continue reading

Study Finds Long-Term Heavy Cannabis Use May Impair Driving Researchers say poor driving performance in non-intoxicated drivers means heavy cannabis use impairs cognition. Long-term, heavy cannabis use might be making adults bad drivers. Especially, according to a new study in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, if drivers started consuming cannabis in their early teens. Researchers studying the impacts … Continue reading

Study Claiming Pot is as Harmful to Fetus’ as Alcohol Used Synthetic Cannabinoid Science is using synthetic cannabinoids and animals to make conclusions about cannabis use during pregnancy. There’s a lot we still don’t know about how cannabis use affects pregnancy. It’s a topic, however, researchers are beginning to grow more and more curious about … Continue reading