This Cannabis Producer is Using Fish Poop To Grow Better Weed The set-up includes a multi-million dollar underground growing system which benefits both the plants and the environment. Green Relief has become the first and only licensed producer in North America to use the “Aquaponics” cultivation method. The company, valued at CAN$31 billion ($23 billion), has … Continue reading

CBD Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Research Shows Could cannabidiol (CBD) be the answer to the super-bug problem pharmaceutical companies aren’t willing to solve? New research has identified another promising medical application for cannabidiol (CBD): its use as an antibiotic. At last weekend’s gathering of microbiologists for the annual ASM Microbe conference in San Francisco, Australian researchers … Continue reading

CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA LEGALIZES RECREATIONAL CANNABIS USE AND CULTIVATION The Australian capital of Canberra made history on Wednesday, becoming the first city in the country to legalize marijuana. The landmark measures were passed in the Australian Capital Territory [ACT] Legislative Assembly, clearing the way for individuals there aged 18 and over to possess and grow cannabis. … Continue reading