Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation A massive tomato growing facility will be converted into one of the world’s largest cannabis producers. Canada’s move toward full-scale legalization is catalyzing a lot of business activity. In particular, a well-known cannabis company has teamed up with a huge agricultural company to create a joint … Continue reading

Ontario Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses Ontario consulted extensively with officials, experts, and its own residents to craft cannabis laws that place a strong emphasis on public health and safety. The Canadian province of Ontario has had its rules and regulations for legal marijuana drafted since November 2017. But now that Bill C-45, the … Continue reading

Study Finds Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Increase Traffic Deaths Researchers say their study sends a clear message to policy makers and the public concerned about cannabis-impaired driving. Researchers at Kansas State University just wrapped up a panel study of marijuana legalization and road safety in the United States. And after analyzing traffic data spanning more than two decades, … Continue reading

Beijing Blames Canada and US for Spike in Drugs Smuggled into China China’s narcotics authorities say international students keep trying to express mail cannabis back home. Cannabis is becoming more popular in China. And China’s narcotics officers say that’s because of legalization in the United States and Canada. According to the Deputy Director of the China National … Continue reading

Cannabis Company Offers Employees Medical Marijuana Coverage A Canadian cannabis giant will be one of the first to offer its employees medical marijuana coverage. Aurora Cannabis Inc. is showing its commitment to medical marijuana in a big way. Along with making medical cannabis available to markets and customers throughout the world, the company is now … Continue reading

SUNY School Introduces a Cannabis Cultivation Program A state university is developing a program to bring cannabis cultivation education to New York. At colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, there is a rapidly growing trend of offering more and more cannabis-related courses. Now, a school in New York is taking that trend … Continue reading

Here’s How the Cannabis Industry Will Look Like in a Few Years Experts are sharing their insights into the uncertain future of the business The days when shamans from ancient civilizations drew upon weed’s mind-opening potential to boost their premonitory powers are long gone. Today, even though stories of cannabis as a tool for clairvoyance … Continue reading