European Country Plans to be First to Legalize Recreational Cannabis So far, no country in Europe has legalized the production, sale and consumption of recreational cannabis. The small country of Luxembourg could very well become the first European country to legalize recreational marijuana at the national level. According to the country’s health minister, Luxembourg has … Continue reading

Michigan Medical Marijuana Sales Exceed $42M in 4 Months Now that they’re finally up and running, patients have purchased more than 8,700 pounds of medical cannabis from state-licensed provisioning centers. With roughly 300,000 registered patients, you might expect more purchasing power than the $42 million spent on medical cannabis since last November. But that figure, … Continue reading

Hawaii Now Accepts Out-of-State Medical Cannabis Patients With a simple online registration process, Hawaii is making it easy for visitors to legally obtain medical cannabis. Medical cannabis patients often face restrictions when they travel that prevent them from bringing their medicine with them. Transporting cannabis across state lines, for example, even for a medical cardholder, … Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Will Be Sold In Italian Pharmacies Medical marijuana in Italy is about to become more accessible as the government introduces private production. Italy is taking a big step towards medical cannabis accessibility. This week, Italy’s Health Minister announced that medical cannabis will be sold in Italian pharmacies. Furthermore, private companies will soon be … Continue reading

Australia Set To Legalize Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana Australia Set Australia set for their parliament to pass a bill that would legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. The bill was introduced to a parliamentary session Wednesday, and it is expected to pass quickly, taking the first step toward allowing healthcare providers to prescribe … Continue reading

Cannabis Shortage In Canada Despite Increase In Cultivation Applicants A legal marijuana shortage could be on Canada’s horizon. One of the more persistent problems in the legal marijuana industry remains simple economics: supply has, for the most part, failed to meet demand, at least during the outset. Marijuana shortages are common occurrences in places where cannabis is … Continue reading

Cannabis Cultivation Program Offers Job Training to People of Color CityGrow will be an expansion of SanFrancisco’s renowned CityBuild program and an important step toward cannabis equity. In San Francisco, the nationally-renowned CityBuild job training program has helped economically disadvantaged and formerly incarcerated people find rewarding, sustaining work in the construction industry. In twelve years, … Continue reading