California’s New Packaging and Labeling Laws For Cannabis Products What to expect on the labels and packages of cannabis products in California. California’s new packaging and labeling laws and regulations include much stronger restrictions than they did in the past. In fact, any leftover cannabis that doesn’t meet the current standards is supposed to be … Continue reading

Massage Therapists Are Benefitting From Colorado’s Cannabis Industry CBD-infused products are revolutionizing Colorado’s wellness industry. Everyone knows that business is booming for Colorado’s legal cannabis industry. Dispensaries in the city of Denver alone set a new sales record of $587 million in 2017. And across the state, cannabis products continue to increase in popularity. But cannabidiol (CBD) … Continue reading

National Health Service Takes Huge Step Toward Cannabis Legalization National Health Service The National Health Service, or NHS, is England’s publicly funded healthcare system. Being the largest single-payer healthcare system in the entire world, the National Health Service is responsible for a broad range of duties within the UK. One such responsibility is testing and … Continue reading