Chicago Mayor Proposes Zoning Law Blocking Dispensaries from Downtown Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s zoning plan gives seven city zones seven dispensaries each. But a downtown exclusion zone will get none. Legal recreational cannabis sales begin on New Year’s Day in Illinois for everyone 21 and over. Just in time to help work off that likely hangover. But if you … Continue reading

America’s Airline Traffic Is Now Full of Weed Chicago O’Hare Airport’s recent installation of cannabis “amnesty boxes” reveals the truth about American airline traffic in 2020: it is full of weed, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Whether O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is “the world’s busiest” terminal for airline traffic depends on … Continue reading

Peddler’s Licenses & Co-Ops: Chicago Brainstorms Ways to Make Cannabis More Equitable A month into legal cannabis in Illinois, Chicago is considering various experimental models for cannabis cultivation and sales aimed at empowering those communities criminalized under prohibition. Cannabis became legal in Illinois on New Year’s Day, and now Chicago’s administration and community leaders are … Continue reading

Chicago Startup to Cover 100 Social Equity Dispensary Applicant Fees To qualify for a loan, social equity applicants are required to fill out a separate form online before November 1st. The burgeoning legal cannabis industry can serve as a new beginning for some—at least, for those with entrepreneurial dreams. Unfortunately, however, not everyone with a … Continue reading