“Have A Good Trip” Starts A Good Conversation About Psychedelics Netflix’s new documentary aims to destigmatize the trippy taboo. Esteemed producer Mike Rosenstein admits he’s wearing his High Times shirt when we connect by phone with his creative counterpart, Donick Cary, writer/director of the upcoming psychedelic documentary “Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics,” which premiered May … Continue reading

Hickenlooper Says Colorado Legalization Didn’t Spike Pot Consumption In fact, sources say it went down. As the 2020 presidential race already begins picking up momentum, many presidential hopefuls are voicing their perspective on the issue of cannabis legalization. In particular, more and more potential candidates are addressing some of the longstanding myths about the purported … Continue reading

Massage Therapists Are Benefitting From Colorado’s Cannabis Industry CBD-infused products are revolutionizing Colorado’s wellness industry. Everyone knows that business is booming for Colorado’s legal cannabis industry. Dispensaries in the city of Denver alone set a new sales record of $587 million in 2017. And across the state, cannabis products continue to increase in popularity. But cannabidiol (CBD) … Continue reading

Anheuser Busch Heir Chooses Weed Business Over Beer ABV Cannabis Co. isn’t getting into weed-infused beverages; for now, its just disposable vape pens. Adolphus Busch V is the 27-year-old great-great-grandson of the legendary beverage tycoon and founder of Anheuser Busch Adolphus Busch. But the youngest Busch isn’t following in the footsteps of his family tradition. … Continue reading