This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis As legalization expands, cultivation companies are taking off. Tantalus Lab is the Tesla of Cannabis and they’re changing everything. The business of cannabis cultivation is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing sectors of the industry. It takes a special kind of innovation to separate … Continue reading

Arkansas Issues First Five Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses Some good news for prospective MMJ patients in Arkansas. Arkansas’ medical marijuana program made another important step on Wednesday. After some holdup, the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission issued its first licenses to five select cultivation companies. Arkansas Issues First Five Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses If there’s one … Continue reading

Police Stop Aerial-Searches for Weed Grows and Target Opioids Vermont’s decades-old Cannabis Eradication Resource Team is now officially disbanded. In the autumn of 1985, and every autumn since, unlicensed cannabis farmers across the country braced for the sounds of Air Guard helicopters chopping toward their grows. In 1985, Ronald Reagan was just into his second … Continue reading

1,400 Pounds of Marijuana Found Inside Coconuts Officials working at the Mexico-U.S. border discovered more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana hidden inside a huge shipment of coconuts. The bust happened at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility in Texas. A tractor trailer filled with fresh coconuts was referred for what border authorities call “a non-intrusive … Continue reading

Nutrients To Grow Healthy Cannabis Plants Like any craft worthy of the name, growing cannabis well takes commitment, creativity, and experimentation. But the right knowledge doesn’t hurt either. The botanical science of cannabis is an ancient one, yet it’s still evolving today. Most home growers, however, just want to know what works and what doesn’t. … Continue reading

$1M Missing from Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program, Audit Shows Arizona’s Auditor General says the Medical Marijuana Program is misspending money and not inspecting dispensaries. The Department of Health disagrees. Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program isn’t performing up to par, according to a newly released report from the Arizona Auditor General’s office. In the report, the Auditor General concludes … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana to be Grown at Former Pfizer Site in Puerto Rico Plants are beginning to replace pills. There is a silent but rapidly growing trend in the medical marijuana world. More and more, medical marijuana growers and producers are moving their operations into facilities formerly owned and operated by big pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, … Continue reading