Hawaii Decriminalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana Hawaii’s new law doesn’t even decriminalize a full eighth of weed. On the eve of 710, the United State of Hawaii decriminalized cannabis. But Hawaii’s new law has the lowest possession limit among the 22 states (and D.C.) that have decriminalized simple marijuana possession. House Bill 1383, which became law … Continue reading

NY Governor Backtracks Saying Including Legalization in State Budget is Unlikely After kicking off his third term with a call to legalize weed in 100 days, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo now says he “isn’t sure” legalization will make it into this year’s budget. After surviving primary challenges from candidates much more progressive on the issue … Continue reading

Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Lower Arrests for Youths, Study Says The decrease in arrests experienced by adults doesn’t carry on to youths. A new study has found that legalizing cannabis doesn’t carry the same impacts for youth that it does adults. In fact, youth still face arrest and incarceration in states that only legalize without a … Continue reading

New York Child Services Stops Flagging Parents for Marijuana In Home In New York City, parents who consume or possess cannabis will no longer face automatic child abuse investigations. Marijuana legalization and decriminalization is supposed to protect people and families from the pervasive and far-reaching consequences of prohibition. But across the United States, instances of … Continue reading

Helicopter Covering Cycling Race Exposes Rooftop Weed Farm to Cops The number one (unwritten) rule for growing your own weed: make sure it can’t be seen by any flying objects. If rule number one is broken, the highly important—and oddly specific—second rule of thumb goes into effect: if your giant rooftop weed farm is spotted … Continue reading

New York Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill The bill will become a law in 30 days. New York state took a step toward more progressive marijuana laws. Specifically, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new decriminalization bill. The new bill will amend how the state deals with possession of small amounts of marijuana. Importantly, the bill … Continue reading

Israel Partially Decriminalized Cannabis The partial decriminalization eliminates offenses for personal use and possession in a private residence. A decision dating back to March 2017 to partially decriminalize cannabis finally went into effect at midnight on Monday, April 1. The plan eliminates most criminal penalties for public cannabis possession and consumption. It also completely decriminalizes use … Continue reading