Matthew McConaughey Shared Fake Edibles and People Acted High He tells everypone they’re infused with THC and they roll with it. The saying “mind over matter” very often proves to be true. And last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matthew McConaughey proved it in a particularly funny way. As part of his guest appearance on … Continue reading

Sicilian TV Chef Arrested for Possessing Cannabis for Cooking He was apparently “researching new flavors.” One of Italy’s most famous chefs was arrested on Saturday after police found cannabis plants and edibles in his eastern Sicily home. Carmelo Chiaramonte had two 6 ½-foot tall marijuana plants and 35 ounces of Indian hemp, according to BBC News. A variety of cannabis-infused … Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Try Juicing Raw Cannabis While smoking, vaping, or taking, edibles are by far the most common ways to consume medical cannabis, juicing raw cannabis could be a powerful, though less common, way to use the plant. The main difference between smoking, vaping or eating edibles and juicing has to do with the fact that nothing’s heated during … Continue reading

NYC Health Department Cracking Down on Restaurants Serving CBD Spokesperson Danielle De Souza announced the department will continue to follow FDA regulation in regards to food and beverage safety. New Yorkers might start feeling dizzy from the roller coaster ride that’s been the latest news regarding cannabis legalization in the Empire State. In spite of State Governor … Continue reading