Feds to Take Over Marijuana Prosecutions That the State Won’t In Florida, state attorneys have been delaying and even halting some marijuana cases. But on Monday, federal prosecutors announced that they would be taking over the state’s caseload. That means the feds will now pursue the cases Florida state attorneys have slowed or dropped. The handoff comes amid … Continue reading

Florida Cops Kill Man After Smelling Weed and Won’t Release Videos Pensacola Police won’t release the dashboard and body cam footage that would support their version of the police killing of Tymar Crawford in July. On July 5th, a Pensacola, Florida police officer—the department won’t release the officer’s name—thought he smelled weed coming from a car. In some parts … Continue reading

Florida Teacher In Danger of Losing His Job Because He Uses Medical Marijuana Florida’s 2016 medical cannabis law does not protect patients who work for employers with zero-tolerance, drug-free workplace policies. The board of Marion County Public Schools in Florida has suspended a Belleview High School teacher and student services manager over his use of medical cannabis. … Continue reading

Florida Has Two Initiatives to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Floridians could have the chance to vote on cannabis legalization in next year’s elections. Currently, two cannabis advocacy groups are working to gather signatures of support for two separate legalization initiatives. If both or either of them get enough signatures, they will be on the 2020 ballot. … Continue reading

$1 Billion Worth of Cannabis Seized in California Hemp Field Bust Authorities say the product’s THC content was too high under state law. A Southern California sheriff’s department made a bust on what its owners had previously presented as a hemp field, uncovering 10 million marijuana plants with “an estimated value of over $1 billion.” On October … Continue reading