California Cannabis Business Banking Measure Rejected Cannabis banking was one of many measures that were shot down by the appropriations committees of both houses. Earlier this year, lawmakers in California proposed an idea that would give marijuana businesses access to banking resources. But this week, that proposal was rejected. Now, with the California cannabis business … Continue reading

Cannabis Use Among Pregnant Women Double, Government Research Says The number of pregnant women reporting past-month cannabis use has more than doubled among pregnant women that responded to the surveys. According to a new report that summarizes findings from a national survey, an increasing number of pregnant women now say they have consumed cannabis while … Continue reading

Wellness Products Take Off in the Growing Recreational Cannabis Market With the rise of adult-use cannabis, experts see medicinal marijuana dominated by two distinct markets: wellness products and government-approved medicines. Is the U.S. medical marijuana industry doomed? Amid news reports suggesting that MMJ markets are plateauing or shrinking in some states—particularly those that have approved … Continue reading