Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation A massive tomato growing facility will be converted into one of the world’s largest cannabis producers. Canada’s move toward full-scale legalization is catalyzing a lot of business activity. In particular, a well-known cannabis company has teamed up with a huge agricultural company to create a joint … Continue reading

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Alcohol? Crossfading could be as dangerous as it is fun. Cannabis use is growing and becoming more and more accepted by many sectors of society. As new places continue legalizing adult use, recreational smoke is losing its stigma and becoming mainstream. While it appears cannabis is here to stay, that … Continue reading

Helicopter Covering Cycling Race Exposes Rooftop Weed Farm to Cops The number one (unwritten) rule for growing your own weed: make sure it can’t be seen by any flying objects. If rule number one is broken, the highly important—and oddly specific—second rule of thumb goes into effect: if your giant rooftop weed farm is spotted … Continue reading