Illinois Recreational Marijuana Bill to Clear 770,000 Convictions Could Illinois be the next state to legalize marijuana? Illinois is on the verge of making cannabis history. A new bill to legalize recreational marijuana was recently approved by the House of Representatives. It has since been passed on to the governor. And if he signs it … Continue reading

Illinois is Going to Tax Recreational Marijuana Based on THC Content Extract enthusiasts draw the short straw in Illinois. Illinois recently made cannabis history. And not only because it became the newest state in the nation to legalize adult-use cannabis. The specific ways in which Illinois achieved legalization, as well as some key features of its new … Continue reading

A Sixth Person Has Died from Vaping-Related Lung Disease Officials are asking people to steer clear of vapes for a few months. is one of the newest—and hottest—products to emerge out of today’s cannabis market. For many, vaping THC cartridges provides an incredibly discreet and convenient way to consume weed. But a flurry of new … Continue reading

Peddler’s Licenses & Co-Ops: Chicago Brainstorms Ways to Make Cannabis More Equitable A month into legal cannabis in Illinois, Chicago is considering various experimental models for cannabis cultivation and sales aimed at empowering those communities criminalized under prohibition. Cannabis became legal in Illinois on New Year’s Day, and now Chicago’s administration and community leaders are … Continue reading

Long Lines Form on Illinois’ First Day of Recreational Cannabis Sales New Year’s Day marked the first day of recreational cannabis sales in Illinois, and the turnout was outstanding.  According to local reports, lines formed up to several hours before dispensaries opened. While the overall outcome was positive, some customers were struck with sticker shock … Continue reading