Cannabis Shortage In Canada Despite Increase In Cultivation Applicants A legal marijuana shortage could be on Canada’s horizon. One of the more persistent problems in the legal marijuana industry remains simple economics: supply has, for the most part, failed to meet demand, at least during the outset. Marijuana shortages are common occurrences in places where cannabis is … Continue reading

Cannabis Business Offers Connoisseurs $50 an Hour to Smoke Weed One newly-hired cannabis connoisseur said the application process took six months. More than six months after first putting out its help-wanted ad for a cannabis connoisseur, the Toronto-based cannabis company AHLOT has finally made its picks. On Wednesday, the company named the eight members of … Continue reading

Art Exhibition Pairs Weed Strains With Paintings to Enhance Viewing Nicodim Gallery’s new series INFLUENCES explores the relationships between creativity, art and psychoactive substances. Artists know that cannabis can enhance the creative process. But what about the experience of engaging works of art? At the Nicodim Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, a new exhibition aims … Continue reading