Nate Diaz Smokes and Passes Hemp Joint at UFC Open Workout In 2016, the UFC suspended Nate Diaz for cannabis. Now, he can have CBD whenever he wants and still be eligible to fight. UFC star Nate Diaz is lighting up in front of the cameras again. But this time, it won’t land him with … Continue reading

Paul Gascoigne Challenges Snoop Dogg to Charity Boxing Match Will Snoop accept Gazza’s challenge to fight in a Cannabis vs Booze boxing match for charity? We all knew it would come to this. The Instagram feud between legendary English footballer Paul Gascoigne and rap icon and cannabis entrepreneur Snoop Dogg has boiled over into a full-fledged fight. … Continue reading

Booze, Buds and Comedy at the World’s First Cannabis Co-working Space Cannabis is making its way into both comedy shows and co-working spaces. Legal weed is opening up all sorts of new possibilities and innovative businesses. In many weed-legal cities, cannabis entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new ideas for how to tap into the … Continue reading