Experts Have Contrasting Predictions on the Growth of Legal Cannabis Recent market projections from different research firms have delivered inconsistent results in estimated forecasts. There’s no denying it: the cannabis industry is exploding. Potheads know it, CBD-using grannies know it, even anti-legalization conservatives and prohibition fanatics are aware of the fact that the charts projecting … Continue reading

Nova Scotia Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses The upcoming rules for cannabis consumers and businesses in Nova Scotia. When it comes to cannabis, things are picking up momentum in Canada. As the nation prepares for full-scale legalization, individual provinces are also finalizing details for local marijuana laws. Here are the most important Nova Scotia … Continue reading

Marijuana Business Owners In Oregon Denied Home Loan Even if you own one of the best dispensaries in Oregon, buying a house or paying your taxes is next to impossible. It doesn’t matter how much money you make in the legal marijuana market. Some businesses owners who run state-licensed establishments in Oregon still cannot secure home loans. Since most … Continue reading

Cheddar Wants To Change Everything About ‘The News’ For Millennials Long Story Short Millennials are quickly becoming one of the largest, most powerful demographics ever. From education to voting and politics to culture and the economy, 20- and 30-somethings are taking over. And now, they’ve got a brand new media outlet designed to give them the news … Continue reading

Newspapers With Cannabis Ads Can’t Be Mailed, Feds Warn Newspapers We reveal yet another way that obscure federal laws and regulations are being used to criminalize marijuana, even in states where cannabis is now legal. The U.S. Postal Service has warned newspapers that it is a felony to mail material that includes marijuana advertising, even if that … Continue reading

NY Governor Backtracks Saying Including Legalization in State Budget is Unlikely After kicking off his third term with a call to legalize weed in 100 days, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo now says he “isn’t sure” legalization will make it into this year’s budget. After surviving primary challenges from candidates much more progressive on the issue … Continue reading