Quebec Businesses Not Permitted To Sell Clothes with Pot Leaves Don’t worry, you can still keep your cannabis apparel and wear it publicly. On October 17, Canadians 18 years and older will be able to purchase, possess and consume cannabis legally. But thanks to a clause buried in Quebec’s provincial cannabis regulations, consumers won’t be … Continue reading

Hawaii Decriminalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana Hawaii’s new law doesn’t even decriminalize a full eighth of weed. On the eve of 710, the United State of Hawaii decriminalized cannabis. But Hawaii’s new law has the lowest possession limit among the 22 states (and D.C.) that have decriminalized simple marijuana possession. House Bill 1383, which became law … Continue reading

Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation A massive tomato growing facility will be converted into one of the world’s largest cannabis producers. Canada’s move toward full-scale legalization is catalyzing a lot of business activity. In particular, a well-known cannabis company has teamed up with a huge agricultural company to create a joint … Continue reading

Nets’ D’Angelo Russel Cited for Marijuana Possession at NY Airport Will he have to join the league’s marijuana program as a first-time offender? Brooklyn Nets point guard D’Angelo Russell enjoyed a career season in 2019, shooting lights out from deep and eluding defenders en route to the Nets’ first postseason birth since 2012-13. Unfortunately for … Continue reading

Warren Buffett Says Cannabis Would Ruin Coca-Cola’s ‘Wholesome Image’ Since when were cocaine origins and rampant diabetes wholesome? The Coca-Cola Company is the largest soft drink company in the world. And billionaire Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway is Coca-Cola’s largest investor, with a $19.5 billion stake in the company. Known to be a savvy … Continue reading