Federal Credit Union Will Serve Recreational Cannabis Businesses Massachusetts could have a solution to their cannabis industry cash problem. One of the biggest challenges facing the legal cannabis industry is a lack of access to banks and credit companies. These challenges arise because financial institutions typically do not want to work with marijuana companies since … Continue reading

Massachusetts Lab Offers First Two Vitamin E Acetate Screenings Free With regulators zeroing in on vitamin E acetate as the likely cause of vape-related lung sickness and death, one testing lab is offering free product testing. The state of Massachusetts is taking aggressive action to improve regulations and testing procedures for vaping products. Efforts are … Continue reading

Massachusetts’ Ban on THC Vapes Comes to an End One day after the ban on e-cigarettes was lifted, THC vapes will be allowed again under new rules. As the number of mysterious vape-related illnesses seems to slowly wane, some of the restrictions implemented on them, at least within certain state jurisdictions, also appear to be fading along … Continue reading

Legal Cannabis Stores Fall Under Fire in Connection with Massachusetts Vaping Illnesses Data will be analyzed for a connection between THC vapes and sickness. The vape-lung crisis that started proliferating across the United States in August has allegedly claimed the lives of 47 people in 25 states and the District of Columbia; three of the … Continue reading

Massachusetts Lifts Ban On Cannabis Vaping Products The new rules require lab testing for the presence of vitamin E acetate, toxins, and other contaminants including heavy metals. Cannabis regulators in Massachusetts have modified a ban on marijuana vape products that will allow businesses to begin selling newly manufactured goods as soon as retailers can get … Continue reading

Corruption & Crime Seems to Follow Restrictive Dispensary Permitting Limited permitting seems to welcome graft and boodle, just like one former California mayor warned. In the grand panoply of grand exits, Debbie Peterson’s is memorable. Until last February, Peterson, the former mayor of Grover Beach, a small city on the Central California coast in San … Continue reading