Rob Van Dam Wrestled High for Close to 100 Percent of his Career And he was never shy about it. Legendary pro wrestler Rob Van Dam loves weed. And he’s never been shy about it. But even though many fans probably know he likes to get high, it seems likely that few people have really … Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Laws Lower Rates of Opioid Prescription, Study Says Does medical cannabis legalization lower prescription opioid rates? Researchers in Texas say it does—for some groups. An important new study just published in the journal Preventive Medicine says medical marijuana legalization is helping to reduce opioid prescription rates. There’s still considerable debate among the health researchers and the medical … Continue reading

Michigan Medical Marijuana Sales Exceed $42M in 4 Months Now that they’re finally up and running, patients have purchased more than 8,700 pounds of medical cannabis from state-licensed provisioning centers. With roughly 300,000 registered patients, you might expect more purchasing power than the $42 million spent on medical cannabis since last November. But that figure, … Continue reading

Italy Decriminalizes Medical Marijuana Cultivation, May Be Step Toward Legalization Last Friday, Italian lawmakers officially decriminalized a number of minor crimes, the most important of which had to do with medical marijuana cultivation and marijuana research. Previously, approved pot growers who violated the country’s strict regulations—even in minor ways—could receive hefty punishments including time in … Continue reading

Australia Set To Legalize Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana Australia Set Australia set for their parliament to pass a bill that would legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. The bill was introduced to a parliamentary session Wednesday, and it is expected to pass quickly, taking the first step toward allowing healthcare providers to prescribe … Continue reading

Arkansas Issues First Five Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses Some good news for prospective MMJ patients in Arkansas. Arkansas’ medical marijuana program made another important step on Wednesday. After some holdup, the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission issued its first licenses to five select cultivation companies. Arkansas Issues First Five Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses If there’s one … Continue reading

Rapid Growth In Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Sales After Legalization Caregivers say Maryland patients are turning to cannabis as an alternative to dangerous prescription medications. Maryland’s four-year-old medical cannabis program seems to have finally found its legs. Dispensaries opened their doors and began serving patients in late 2017. And so far this year, dispensary sales have … Continue reading