Former NASA Scientist Wants Weed Grown For Science Cannabis researcher and former NASA scientist says today’s indoor grow techniques could help grow food on Mars. What if everything cannabis growers are learning today could help astronauts grow food on Mars in a century? That’s the bold question Jacklyn Green posed to an audience of cannabis … Continue reading

Marijuana Business Owners In Oregon Denied Home Loan Even if you own one of the best dispensaries in Oregon, buying a house or paying your taxes is next to impossible. It doesn’t matter how much money you make in the legal marijuana market. Some businesses owners who run state-licensed establishments in Oregon still cannot secure home loans. Since most … Continue reading

Oregon Growers Must Notify State Before Harvesting Marijuana Oregon’s new harvest notification policy is pitting growers against state regulators. Oregon is in the middle of a weed glut. With so much product and so many growers, the state had to put a temporary freeze on issuing new cultivation licenses. The surplus threatens growers’ profits. And concerns … Continue reading

Forests Are Being Poisoned by Pesticides on Illegal Cannabis Farms One of the pesticides used was carbofuran, a chemical officials say creates a web of death throughout the forest. The extremely dangerous pesticide carbofuran is turning up on illegal cannabis farms in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. According to experts, a single teaspoon of carbofuran is … Continue reading

Oregon State University Receives $2.5M to Study Hemp Oregon State University (OSU) will receive additional funding for its Global Hemp Information Center in Corvallis, Oregon, according to a Jan. 13 announcement. According to the Corvallis Gazette-Times, the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley announced that the federal government will be appropriating $2.5 million for OSU’s hemp … Continue reading

Portland City Council Approves Over $630k In Cannabis Equity Grants The grant money is designed to benefit those who have faced marijuana-related criminal charges prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis. Portland, Oregon took a big step towards properly funding its social equity in cannabis program on Wednesday. Its city council earmarked $631,000 in grants to go … Continue reading