Vet Claims Dogs Are Getting High Off Human Feces Containing THC Bay Area vets say dogs are getting high after eating human feces contaminated with THC. Turns out this is very possible. You have so many questions, we know. So do we. More than we’ll probably even be able to give answers to. Yes, our … Continue reading

Washington Gets Their First Unionized Dispensary Workers in the cannabis industry are unionizing to get benefits employers won’t provide. Have a Heart cannabis dispensary is one of Washington’s oldest and largest licensed marijuana retailers. Serving cannabis consumers across five locations, the company employs 134 workers, most of them in retail. And last week, Have a … Continue reading

New York Child Services Stops Flagging Parents for Marijuana In Home In New York City, parents who consume or possess cannabis will no longer face automatic child abuse investigations. Marijuana legalization and decriminalization is supposed to protect people and families from the pervasive and far-reaching consequences of prohibition. But across the United States, instances of … Continue reading

California Cannabis Employees Can Unionize Easier with New Law A new California law says cannabis companies can’t prevent their workers from organizing and joining unions. If a California cannabis business wants to get a license, it will have to let its employees unionize. That’s according to a new state law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom this … Continue reading