Cannabis Company Curaleaf Fined $250,000 For Unauthorized Owner Swap One of the largest cannabis companies in the nation neglected to make a simple request that could have saved them a quarter of a million dollars. One of the largest cannabis companies in the United States was just fined by Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission for failing … Continue reading

Chicago Mayor Proposes Zoning Law Blocking Dispensaries from Downtown Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s zoning plan gives seven city zones seven dispensaries each. But a downtown exclusion zone will get none. Legal recreational cannabis sales begin on New Year’s Day in Illinois for everyone 21 and over. Just in time to help work off that likely hangover. But if you … Continue reading

Federal Credit Union Will Serve Recreational Cannabis Businesses Massachusetts could have a solution to their cannabis industry cash problem. One of the biggest challenges facing the legal cannabis industry is a lack of access to banks and credit companies. These challenges arise because financial institutions typically do not want to work with marijuana companies since … Continue reading

Massachusetts’ 2 Retail Marijuana Shops Have Already Made $7 Million Recreational marijuana sales are up and running in Massachusetts. And although there are currently only two dispensaries selling weed, the state is already seeing some impressive sales figures. In fact, in the short time that they’ve been open, the state’s two dispensaries have already pulled … Continue reading

Illinois is Going to Tax Recreational Marijuana Based on THC Content Extract enthusiasts draw the short straw in Illinois. Illinois recently made cannabis history. And not only because it became the newest state in the nation to legalize adult-use cannabis. The specific ways in which Illinois achieved legalization, as well as some key features of its new … Continue reading

12 States With Tax-Free Cannabis Sales Medical marijuana patients have way more options when it comes to states with tax-free cannabis. Despite the fact that the federal government considers them illegal, cannabis businesses still pay their taxes, both to their home state and Uncle Sam. Ultimately, those costs trickle down to consumers in the form of … Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Try Juicing Raw Cannabis While smoking, vaping, or taking, edibles are by far the most common ways to consume medical cannabis, juicing raw cannabis could be a powerful, though less common, way to use the plant. The main difference between smoking, vaping or eating edibles and juicing has to do with the fact that nothing’s heated during … Continue reading