Illinois Recreational Marijuana Bill to Clear 770,000 Convictions Could Illinois be the next state to legalize marijuana? Illinois is on the verge of making cannabis history. A new bill to legalize recreational marijuana was recently approved by the House of Representatives. It has since been passed on to the governor. And if he signs it … Continue reading

Maine Governor Signs Bill Establishing Recreational Marijuana Rules The recreational marijuana rules Maine Gov. Janet Mills just signed into law have the strictest residency requirements of any legal-weed state. Maine, a state that legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, is finally on track start selling weed to consumers. On Thursday, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed a … Continue reading

Chicago Mayor Proposes Zoning Law Blocking Dispensaries from Downtown Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s zoning plan gives seven city zones seven dispensaries each. But a downtown exclusion zone will get none. Legal recreational cannabis sales begin on New Year’s Day in Illinois for everyone 21 and over. Just in time to help work off that likely hangover. But if you … Continue reading

Federal Credit Union Will Serve Recreational Cannabis Businesses Massachusetts could have a solution to their cannabis industry cash problem. One of the biggest challenges facing the legal cannabis industry is a lack of access to banks and credit companies. These challenges arise because financial institutions typically do not want to work with marijuana companies since … Continue reading