Germany Is Looking For Legal Medical Marijuana Growers Germany has so far been on the receiving end of the world’s cannabis exports. Now, the country is looking to grow its own. Germany is looking for legal medical marijuana growers; at least three, to be precise. Germany’s medical cannabis program, which is usually on the receiving … Continue reading

California Ad Campaign Targets Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries California regulators launch the “Get #weedwise” campaign to draw consumers away from the unlicensed market. On June 21, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control announced the launch of an ad campaign targeting unlicensed marijuana dispensaries. The statewide “Get #weedwise” campaign aims to encourage consumers to only buy their weed … Continue reading

Maine Governor Signs Bill Establishing Recreational Marijuana Rules The recreational marijuana rules Maine Gov. Janet Mills just signed into law have the strictest residency requirements of any legal-weed state. Maine, a state that legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, is finally on track start selling weed to consumers. On Thursday, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed a … Continue reading

Ontario Cannabis Laws: From Consumers To Businesses Ontario consulted extensively with officials, experts, and its own residents to craft cannabis laws that place a strong emphasis on public health and safety. The Canadian province of Ontario has had its rules and regulations for legal marijuana drafted since November 2017. But now that Bill C-45, the … Continue reading

Almost 20 Percent Of California Cannabis Products Failed Lab Tests The number one reason for product failure was inaccurate packaging. On July 1, a slew of strict new regulations and product requirements went into effect across California’s legal cannabis industry. Dubbed the “Marijuanapocalypse,” the regulatory changes required the destruction of millions of dollars of cannabis … Continue reading

Oregon Growers Must Notify State Before Harvesting Marijuana Oregon’s new harvest notification policy is pitting growers against state regulators. Oregon is in the middle of a weed glut. With so much product and so many growers, the state had to put a temporary freeze on issuing new cultivation licenses. The surplus threatens growers’ profits. And concerns … Continue reading