University of Rhode Island Aims to Offer Online Course on Cannabis The proposed course will be a seven-week accelerated course in cannabis studies. Students enrolled at the University of Rhode Island may soon have the opportunity to participate in a new undergraduate certificate program in cannabis studies. Under a proposal submitted last month by the university’s faculty … Continue reading

New Drug Testing Strips Immediately Detect The Presence Of Weed This could be a huge game-changer. For those thinking about taking their weed vape pen, chillum or any other so-called “discreet” smoking device in public, you might want to think again. There’s a new sheriff in town that comes in the form of a groundbreaking new drug testing device. … Continue reading

Smart Robots Could Replace Human Weed Trimmers Soon As the industry grows, so does its technology. The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate, and, like any burgeoning industry, its means of production are starting to evolve as well. The cultivation sector of the industry has traditionally been facilitated by human hands, sans a … Continue reading

BIG DATA & CANNABIS – INTERVIEW WITH JON LOWEN CO-FOUNDER OF SURFSIDE Surfside is a customer acquisition platform that specializes in activating and expanding 1st party data for marketing, insights, and measurement. They are currently focused in the cannabis industry but working across verticals to help businesses understand, retain and acquire new customers. With the industry … Continue reading