Michigan Medical Marijuana Sales Exceed $42M in 4 Months Now that they’re finally up and running, patients have purchased more than 8,700 pounds of medical cannabis from state-licensed provisioning centers. With roughly 300,000 registered patients, you might expect more purchasing power than the $42 million spent on medical cannabis since last November. But that figure, … Continue reading

Harvard Study Reveals Cannabis Compound’s Potential in Cancer Therapy Researchers found that cannabis flavonoid FBL-03G significantly increased survival rates in animals with pancreatic cancer. A new study from researchers at Harvard University is highlighting how cannabis has the potential to fight pancreatic cancer. But this isn’t a study on THC or CBD, even though research … Continue reading

California Officials Keep Cannabis Out Of Alcohol Businesses Under California’s strict laws, you cannot smoke, sell or infused anything with weed in a restaurant or bar. Though a joint and a glass of Malbec might be the perfect pairing, California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control just issued an industry advisory warning restauranteurs and cannabis businesspeople that pairing … Continue reading