Experts Have Contrasting Predictions on the Growth of Legal Cannabis Recent market projections from different research firms have delivered inconsistent results in estimated forecasts. There’s no denying it: the cannabis industry is exploding. Potheads know it, CBD-using grannies know it, even anti-legalization conservatives and prohibition fanatics are aware of the fact that the charts projecting … Continue reading

Woman Says Lifetime Ban from US for Crossing Border with CBD is Lifted In the process of applying for a waiver to enter the country again, her charges were reversed. Ongoing confusion surrounding CBD laws in the United States occasionally causes difficulties for travelers. In some cases, airline passengers have found themselves in trouble after TSA discovers … Continue reading

Parents Who Smoke Weed Are Stricter on Kids, Study Says Parents may think cannabis helps them chill out and be less controlling toward their kids. But a new OSU study found otherwise. Do the substances parents use affect they way they raise their kids? Most would say, absolutely. But researchers at Ohio State University wanted to find … Continue reading

Juul CEO Steps Down, Company Halts All Advertising Juul dominated the U.S. e-cigarette market. Now, it’s doing damage control. On Wednesday, the CEO of Juul Labs, Kevin Burns, announced his resignation from the company. Burns’ resignation comes amid an ongoing national vape crisis that has drawn intense scrutiny against e-cigarette manufacturers and products. Across the … Continue reading

America’s Airline Traffic Is Now Full of Weed Chicago O’Hare Airport’s recent installation of cannabis “amnesty boxes” reveals the truth about American airline traffic in 2020: it is full of weed, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Whether O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is “the world’s busiest” terminal for airline traffic depends on … Continue reading