Michigan Becomes First State to Ban Flavored Vaping Products The Governor made the order to protect the children of Michigan. As vaping continues to become popular with consumers around the country, many are beginning to wonder about its broader health implications. This is especially true when it comes to young consumers. Now, the governor of Michigan has … Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Try Juicing Raw Cannabis While smoking, vaping, or taking, edibles are by far the most common ways to consume medical cannabis, juicing raw cannabis could be a powerful, though less common, way to use the plant. The main difference between smoking, vaping or eating edibles and juicing has to do with the fact that nothing’s heated during … Continue reading

A Sixth Person Has Died from Vaping-Related Lung Disease Officials are asking people to steer clear of vapes for a few months. is one of the newest—and hottest—products to emerge out of today’s cannabis market. For many, vaping THC cartridges provides an incredibly discreet and convenient way to consume weed. But a flurry of new … Continue reading